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Free Gift For YOU!
Free Gift For YOU!

     I'm so glad you decided to check out this page! Before you receive your gift, let me ask you a few questions, now be honest with your self.

1) Do you think you are a good person? (Let's check that with the ten commandments)

2) Have you ever lied? (that's what I thought, we all have at some point in our life)

3) What does that make you? you know....."a liar"

4) Have you ever stolen anything? (even a piece of candy when you were little? Pencil, paperclip?)

5) Okay, what does that make you? yes, you know...."a thief"

6) Have you ever looked at someone and lusted after them in your mind? come on, be honest, this one got me, yep, figured you did. Jesus said that anyone that lusts after someone in their mind has commited adultry in their heart.

Okay, we have been through only three of the ten commandments and upon your admission, you said that you are a lying thief and adulterer at heart.

7) So on judgement day, when God judges you using the ten commandments, will you be innocent or guilty?
8) Do you think you will go to heaven or hell? (be honest with your self)

9) Does this concern you? It concerns me, even though I may not personally know you, I would hate to see anyone spend eternity in the lake of fire. Now we come to YOUR FREE GIFT.

     God loved the world (all humanity) so much that He sent His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life! Though this gift is free to you, Jesus paid an incredible cost for it, through suffering, but more importantly, He gave His life so that YOU can live! Jesus died for YOUR sins, His blood covered your sins out of His amazing love for YOU? He suffered the death that was meant for you! Even more importantly is that He rose from the dead so that YOU could live with Him forever! Okay, so what now? I'm glad you asked!!

1) Realize that you are a sinner, which you have already done by recognizing that you are a lying thief and adulterer at heart.

2) Realize that you need Jesus to save you from going to hell, that He died for YOUR sins, believe this.

3) Ask God to forgive you for sinning, believe that He has

4) Then repent of your sins (to turn in another direction) turn your back on the sin and head toward Jesus.

5) Ask Jesus to take over your life

After you have done this.......HALLELUYAH!! You are born again!! There is a celebration in heaven right now!! If you don't have a bible, get one, (call me with the number below and I will send you one) Begin with reading the book of John. Find a church in your area so you can be taught, so you can  praise and worship with other born again believers. We cannot live this life alone, we need each other. If you cannot find a church, let me know the area you live in and I will help you. Being born again is a way of life, it takes effort on our part, believing that the Holy Spirit will guide us.
If you have ANY questions, or thoughts or anything, please do not hesitate to call me! I want to be here for you in any way that I can. If you followed the directions above, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!
Call Jack: 423-650-9572
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